Monday, November 25, 2013


With the Thanksgiving Holiday just a few days away, this evening’s topic of Appreciation is timely and always appropriate.  Ramona opened the meeting by welcoming guests and asking for updates, otherwise known as “what are you appreciative of since our last meeting?” Several members had amazing stories of appreciation and gratitude.

Eddie Conner provided an inspiring meditation on Appreciation via Face Time, helping us to key in on how to appreciate everything including ourselves.

Our opening video was “Appreciation is the Key” by Abraham-Hicks. .  For clarification, there is a big difference between gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude is a feeling of overcoming something we lacked previously or for something that needs to be fixed but worked OK this time.  Appreciation is the expansion of something that is already good. It represents true alignment with who we are making the world a better place. It is seeing the everyday things in life that make us feel the uplifting emotion that changes our vibration. Similar to the financial definition of appreciation, it means adding to whatever is already there.   

When we reach for the emotion of appreciation, we begin to see the beauty around us. Each beautiful thing we see is a new beginning point that places us on a higher flying disc than before.  Appreciation is the key to finding, maintaining and uplifting our emotions and therefor our vibration.  It provides a feeling within us that is the easiest thing for a person to do.  It’s also the most effective thing we can do to uplift our emotions.  The more we practice appreciation, the less resistance we will have in our own vibrational frequencies. And the less resistance we have, the better our lives will be. So start appreciating everything you see, hear, taste, smell or touch. Everywhere you are, look for things to appreciate. Wake up with the intention to find a multitude of things that delight you.

And important to remember is every time we appreciate something, every time we praise something, every time we feel good about something we are telling the Universe “more of this please.”

When going to sleep at night, think of some simple things to appreciate so your slumber is refreshing. When you awake, maintain the feeling of appreciation.  Make a list of things you do appreciate; not things you should appreciate, but things you do appreciate. Do this for 30 days and you will align yourself with Source and actually tune yourself to who you really are.

The closing video was “Through the Eyes of Source” by Abraham-Hicks.  Ramona asked the group if they would do a 30 day appreciation challenge, as communicated by Abraham.
When you go to bed tonight…

1. Set forth the intention to slumber into your alignment with source, which you always do.  And then set forth the intention that when you awaken in the morning, you will just slide back into this physical body in an attitude of appreciation.

2. Before you sleep, go through a list of things that are very easy for you to appreciate so you set the tone of the environment into which you will reemerge into in the morning.

When you awaken in the morning…
1. Lie in your bed and move over, and move through your mind this list of things that you are appreciating.

2. And then go right from there to brushing your teeth and doing whatever you need to do immediately,

3. Then go right to your chair of meditation and bring yourself again into vibrational alignment with well-being. Only this time you’re not doing it because you are asleep, you’re wide awake, and you are tuning yourself to the vibration of who you are.

4. Then get up from your meditation chair and go right to the kitchen and find something that is delicious and refreshing to eat. And as you are eating it, sit with an attitude of appreciation.

5. And once you’ve finished eating your delicious meal, whatever it might be, then sit with your paper and pen and make a list of things that you appreciate. Just write the things that flow forth from you easily.

Note: Don’t make it a list of things you should appreciate, the things that you do appreciate.
And if you will do that tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day…. Before you know it, in 30 days, you will have set the tone of seeing the world through the eyes of source in a way that you have never done before. And then you will not be asking us what it’s like to be pure positive energy, because you’ll know it viscerally. You’ll feel it in every fiber of your being!

Monday, October 28, 2013


Abraham has taught that there are three steps to achieving whatever you want to be, do or have. Now a fourth step is has been introduced to make the process even easier and more successful – establishing and maintaining a steady connection (or being on the high flying disc).

Ramona opened the meeting welcoming guests and asking members to update the group on whatever they have asked for and now appreciate. A member shared about her recent success with a medical-philosophical group in Argentina. Here is the link. CMI-Abasto

Eddie Conner provided an inspiring meditation designed to open our minds to this new fourth step.

The three steps as taught by Abraham in the past are:

1.     Ask for it.
2.     The Universe makes it available to us.
3.     Allow it to happen.

The fourth step is to do whatever we need to do to get ourselves on an HFD and stay there. We must practice feeling good because for so long we have practiced not feeling good and accepted it. We need to change our feelings and the momentum of those feelings toward feeling good.  After about 30 days we will be more used to being on an HFD than not, and it will become easier to deflect contrast or anything that hits us from a place that formerly could have knocked us off our HFD. Stated more simply, step 4 is “get on an HFD and stay there”.

Videos were shown from a recent Abraham program that explain the fourth step.  In the first, a young man (“You are good; you are really, really good”) is excited because he wrote a letter to Abraham asking for what he wanted, but did so as if he already received his requests and was basking in the enjoyment of having them. Since writing the letter he has received every one of his desires. In his explanation, he used some words that had negative connotations. Abraham explained that since his vibration was so high, the Universe understood that these “negative” words were merely for show, to make a point, and it didn’t matter since he was on a high flying disc (HFD) and maintaining his position there. Anything that is a vibrational match to where you are will be manifested because alignment brings clarity. The key is to think it, write it and feel it as if it has already happened, all while on an HFD.

Through additional videos Abraham explained that Esther has become what she calls a vibrational snob. She has maintained herself on an HFD so long that when something occurs that formerly would have upset her vibrational frequency, she is no longer affected by it. 

When we are asleep we are without contrast and awake on an HFD. The key is to maintain that feeling throughout the day, and to do that for at least 30 days. Ramona shared that every morning when they awake, Mike and Ramona wish each other a happy birthday and have fun doing it. Since birthdays are a celebration, that good morning wish places them on an HFD. 

Practice getting on the HFD early in the day and staying there. After a while you will become stable on the HFD. The contrast AND the answer to it will come to you almost simultaneously. Contrast is good because it is closely followed by the answer which is really what we are looking for. When we know the answer will be coming soon, contrast doesn’t affect us as it used to and we stop slipping from our HFD’s. That is step 4 – getting on an HFD and staying there.

During this process, if something happens to knock you off your HFD, find something that will get you back on as quickly as possible. First, breathe deeply. Start journaling the good things that happen to you. Review the journal frequently. Keep photos of loved ones, especially children or grandchildren. If you like music, listen to your favorite songs. Meditate. Don’t take everything personal – remember that comments from others are their comments, not yours to own. (In your mind send the comment back to them with love and light). Take a walk. Go outside and enjoy nature. The key is to practice staying on the HFD and get the momentum going in the right direction.

We have some meetings coming up, so place them on your calendar:

November 14          6 PM  Abraham and Wayne Dyer Live Feed Potluck
November 25          7 PM  Law of Attraction Meet Up
December 15          5 PM  Holiday Potluck

Space for the November 14 Live Feed is limited, so be sure to RSVP if you are coming. Just click on this link.  Our Fabulous Meet Up Website.

Ramona closed the meeting by asking each person to complete the phrase "I love knowing that..."

See you in November.

Monday, October 14, 2013


1.    Ramona wrote a letter a month before the cruise telling Esther of her appreciation for the upcoming cruise and how Abraham changed her life.
2.     She told Eddie Conner and Mike she was going to meet her on the cruise.
3.    She had a dream where she met and spoke with Esther and had a photo taken.
4.    While flying to meet the cruise ship, Ramona started journaling about how the meeting would happen.
5.    The first day on the ship, during the lifeboat drill, she met the person in the next cabin who works for Esther and tells her he is the audio-video engineer for Abraham-Hicks.
6.    Someone bumped into Ramona and spilled coffee all over Ramona’s name tag. Ramona went to see Sarah, the person who replaced the name tag.
7.    The next two nights, at different restaurants, Sarah and some of the Abraham-Hicks crew are seated at the table next to us.
8.    At the last workshop, Ramona met Barbara, Esther’s right hand person, told her about the two meet-ups, and asked if a photo meeting could be arranged. Barbara said she cannot place appointments on Esther’s calendar, but “it will happen”.
9.    When she boarded the bus for the airport, Ramona noticed the bus next to hers had many of the Abraham-Hicks staff on it.
10.When the bus arrived at the airport, it was parked next to the Abraham-Hicks bus, and Ramona saw Esther get off the bus and head for the terminal.
11.After going through the first security checkpoint Ramona headed for the Delta Sky Priority line and Esther and some of her group were immediately ahead of us. We were called up to the counter next to them.
12.The sweet agent at the counter was asking us how we enjoyed our stay, etc. but could sense Ramona’s anxiety. He asked why and she told him about Esther, so he rushed our check-in process, finishing before Esther’s group. Ramona approached Esther and told her how she had manifested this meeting and asked for a photo. Ramona handed her camera to Esther’s body guard and asked him to take the photo which now appears on both of our meet-up websites.