Monday, May 1, 2017


Ramona welcomed members and guests and asked the group to share their wins.

Eddie Conner provided another inspiring meditation.  And a BIG THANK YOU to Eddie for always providing wonderful meditations for our group.

The opening video was “Receiving the Gift of your Inspirations” by Abraham Hicks. 

Ramona started the discussion by asking “Who has had a dream come true?” And “Who has dreams that haven’t come true?”. 

Sometimes our dreams don’t come true because we have doubts and contradictions. It’s like having a train with two engines, but one is on the back of the train pulling in the opposite direction. Conflicting thoughts create fear, habit and insecurity because we are not thinking thoughts about what we want.  We are focused on thoughts about what we have, what is.  These are thoughts that don’t serve our purpose.

What happens when we share our dreams with the wrong people? Typically, they tell us every reason our dream won’t come true. It waters down our desires, dreams and goals. When someone tries to tell us why our dream won’t come true, remember to say to yourself “I DON’T CARE!” to release their negativity.

The same is true when we find ourselves telling our story over and over.  Everything we experience is an indication of our being, or NOT being, in alignment. The feeling of alignment has these characteristics:
         That we are in the flow.
         It feels good.

As an example,  close your eyes and think of a dream you’ve had for a while.  It hasn’t happened yet…maybe you’ve given up on the dream. It’s like holding a glass of water. For a short time, it doesn’t feel heavy. But after a while, it can feel quite heavy.  The weight of the glass hasn’t changed.  The same is true of our dreams.  Holding on to them will weigh us down and generate other like-minded thoughts.
Some examples of limiting thoughts are:
         I’m not skinny.
         It’s too hard.
         I have bad luck.
         They’ll be jealous of me.
         I’m not smart enough.

So, how do we make our dreams come true? Make a plan but start general, e.g. “I plan to feel good today”. Plan to be in a place where ideas flow easily.  The better we feel, the more effective and better feeling every plan will be.  Then pay attention to emotions.  When they dip down, catch them, rebalance, take deep breaths, meditate, go outside for a breath of fresh air, take a walk.  Continue these activities as needed. Letting go of resistant thoughts will place us in the receiving mode.

Be ready to be ready. Take 15 minutes a day.  Reconnect, meditate, do something to quiet the mind.  The more we do it daily, the more we will be able to say “I’m ready to be ready.”  Ideas will flow.  We are not facing reality…we’re creating it.  And it all starts with getting ourselves into alignment.

The closing video was “Rampage – I like Feeling Good” by Abraham Hicks.  

Monday, March 27, 2017


Ramona welcomed the group via zoom from California and had members introduce themselves.

Eddie Conner inspired us with a meditation.  A big thank you to Eddie for always providing inspiring meditations.

Ramona reminded the group that relationships are not only with those we love, but also with friends, people we work with or live near, etc.  She asked the group if all their relationships were good.  Relationships reflect aspect of ourselves.  Sometimes the things we see in others that we don’t like are reflections of things we don’t like about ourselves.  And, whatever we are living now is because we vibrated it into our own life experience.

The opening video was “The art of renewing your relationships”. 
Some members made the following comments about the video:  
-We are of no help to anyone when we dip into that “sorry” phase.
-Humor adds a positive light and can keep relationships going strong.
-Give to others only when coming from a good place.
-Offer guidance only when you feel good.

If someone is addressing you from a low vibration and complaining, etc., just say to yourself “I don’t care”.  It lightens up the spirit internally so we release negativity and allows us to not drop our vibration to their level.

Stop focusing on what you don’t like and your energy will immediately turn around.  When we feel negative about someone we should remember all the things that are good about that person which places us in a feel-good frequency.  Make lists of things we appreciate because it perpetuates more things to feel grateful for.  Appreciation is a form of love and makes everything easier in life.

Acknowledge the good things and focus on them.  This will strengthen your personal relationship with yourself and others.

Be aware of your emotional negative triggers and flip yourself back up to the fun, beautiful emotions of a high vibration.

Focus on every person’s value, gifts, strengths. These positive aspects will place you in a higher, better relationship with yourself and others.

Not everyone is like-minded or capable of maintaining a high vibration, or may actually like complaining, etc.  Keeping a high vibration may result in some of our friends drifting away.  We refer to this as “vibrating them out of our lives.”

Everyone we know can be really high or really low based on our vibration.  Instead of holding your loved ones in their old space, reframe them and hold them in a higher space.  Think about something positive about your relationship with that person from the past.  Rid yourself of limiting beliefs.

Sometimes when someone does something to irritate you, it may be that you see something in them that you realize is one of your own faults.

Staying in the “now” is important.  Staying in our core essence is easier when we choose to stay in the now.  Be appreciative; focus on what feels good; choose self-nurturing; be light.  Take care of yourself first because you set the tone for interaction with others.  If you notice a pattern within yourself that is not serving you, reestablish new emotional patterns.  Abraham’s step 5 is another way to stay in a feel-good place when we stumble.

Appreciation is sincerely the key to self-love and to loving others.  Love yourself first, then others.

Ramona read the following Abraham quote – “Focus on the best you can in others. When characteristics you want are missing, practice seeing them anyway. When you think the thoughts you desire, they will show up in your experience.”

Ramona did the envelope exercise where everyone wrote the name of someone with whom they have issues.  Then opening the envelope there were two slips of paper with the following: “______________ You’re off the hook. My happiness depends on me!”  Then we tore them up and released them!

Live life to the fullest – we’re on the leading edge.  And remember – it’s not about them.  It’s about you!  Come to every relationship with a pure heart.

The closing video was “All that we share”.  

Monday, September 26, 2016


Following the introduction of new members and first time attendees, EDDIE CONNER provided an inspiring meditation.  Be sure to check out Eddie’s website at

Ramona provided some of the insights we received from the workshops on the recent Abraham cruise.

THE LOCOMOTIVE.  The best was a visualization of a train with the locomotive pulling a train along the track, headed in the right direction.  Then a negative thought comes along in the image of another locomotive, but placed where the caboose should be and pulling the opposite direction.  Every time you think something negative, or introduce fear, it is like adding a locomotive on the rear end of the train making it harder to get into and stay in the vortex.

CHOOSE TO FEEL GOOD.  Until you decide to feel good, you do not realize you have a choice.  You can feel good.  Or, you can feel not so good.  The choice is yours.

EYESIGHT.  A participant said that when she goes to the eye doctor she gets a stronger prescription every time and her eyesight seems to be getting worse.  Abraham suggested that when she goes to the eye doctor, ask for a prescription that is slightly less correction than needed to train her eyes to improve over time.  Her work is to let Source strengthen her eyes so she can use glasses less often.

ONLY ADD LOCOMOTIVES THAT TAKE YOUR TRAIN IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.  Talk only about what you want because that places another engine on the front of your train.  To do otherwise places the engine going the wrong way.


PRACTICED VIBRATION.  A man gets it, and stays in the vortex until he talks to his sister.  She is a complainer who brings him down during every conversation.  Abraham said he has a practiced vibration.  Whenever he is about to talk to his sister, he expects her to be negative.  Abraham suggests it is not his job to make his sister happy.  It is his job not to let his sister make him unhappy.  He must rendezvous with the vortex version of his sister because in the vortex is the relationship he wants with her.  He should practice the improved version of her before any interaction.

MEDITATION.  Meditate every day.  If we meditate sporadically, we won’t maintain our connection to Source.  Become more aware of your emotions.  We don’t have time NOT to meditate. 

THE NOW.  Meditation puts us in the receiving mode so we can love the feeling of what is coming next.  Learn to get happy just because it feels good, not for the reason of wanting what’s in your vortex.  Take life as it is.  Don’t worry about the past or the future.  Learn to live in and love the NOW.

EXPECTATIONS.  When you are in alignment with someone perfectly, do not expect everyone to line up the same way.  Get yourself into an alignment through meditation and appreciation so that no matter what is happening, it does not matter.

CONTRAST.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Contrast gets you to clarity.  If you know what you don’t want, it helps you determine what you do want.  Play down the things that bother you and play up the things that you like.

THE OPENING VIDEO for tonight’s subject was “Feel good about money then follow the impulses” 

MONEY – What words do you associate with the subject of money?  They are limiting our beliefs, aren’t they?  If it weren’t for those limiting beliefs this whole manifesting thing would be a breeze.  Where did we get these limiting beliefs?  After years of believing them, we can’t just suddenly drop them from our lives.  There’s been too much momentum built up.  Don’t worry about completely obliterating them.  Here’s an exercise to lighten up our load about money. 

Visualize light flakes of snow falling and dropping onto our heads.  Now change the snow to $100 bills, falling all over us, filling up our room with $100 bills. Just visualize this, even if only for 5 to 10 seconds, and you will feel the results.  Don’t think about creating the results.  Just enjoy the experience and let your abundance flow.

As we get better at manifesting, our energy shifts.  Our old beliefs will weaken considerable.  This is important because we attract based on our dominant beliefs.  Make sure we feel better more of the time, and lessen the time we don’t feel good, until all we feel is good.  Start focusing on desires that are good and feel possible based on where we are now.

We often do not believe in our vortex reality, we allow our current reality to take over – like our banker and landlord.  They believe in our current reality and don’t really care about us or our vortex reality. We must not lose sight of this.  Here is another good exercise to help us maintain focus on our vortex reality.

Place a $100 bill in your wallet.  Do not actually spend the money.  Spend it vibrationally.  When you see something you could buy with that $100, say to yourself “I could buy that if I wanted to”.  It eases the monetary vibration.

Another exercise is to take a one dollar bill into a 99 Cent store and tell yourself you can buy anything in that store.

Abraham reminds us that people are not earning through their education, their contacts, or their actions.  They are earning through their vibrational translation of their vibrational currency.

FINDING THE SWEET SPOT.  Here is the difference between manifesting money and getting to the sweet spot.  Manifesting is the process of what has been.  We have lived in the contrast.  We have created a vibrational reality.  We are eager to the manifesting to begin and visualizing what we want.  When we develop our visualization to the point we do not notice that we don’t have it yet, we are reaching the sweet spot.  At that point we feel the value, the importance and the satisfaction of being in that comfortable feeling place of EXPECTATION.  Your intent should be all about feeling as good as you can – not making it happen, but letting it happen.  Don’t make images come to mind – let the images come to mind.  Don’t write the script, receive the script.  That’s the Sweet Spot.

The closing video was an Abraham rampage included in "2016 Newest Money Visualization –Money Ever Best Segment", beginning at about 3:00.  

A member shared a quote attributed to Albert Einstein.  "Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Since we will be gone an extended period of time this winter, we will look into doing a meeting from California via Zoom.  Please check your Meetup profile to make sure you have allowed the receipt of organizer emails so we can let you know the details.  We have no other way of communicating with most members.

See you in the Spring.