Monday, June 20, 2016


Ramona welcomed members and guests.  

Eddie Conner (Click Here for Eddie's Website) provided an inspiring meditation that allowed us to use our imaginations to think of ways our lives could be if we just think in positive terms of “What if?” 

Following LOA stories and wins, the opening video was “Abraham-Hicks 2016 – Being More Optimistic Will Change Your Life”.

The evening’s topic was an exercise based on the book “What If It All Goes Right” by Mindy Audlin. The subject is similar to an Abraham-Hicks process they refer to as “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” 

The author asks if we have areas in our lives where we feel stuck in a cycle that isn’t giving us the results we want. What if we saw those “stuck” areas from a new perspective?  She explains that this process helps us navigate the dark waters of our minds. The question “What if?” carries the power to create or to destroy. It can carry the key to inspiration, or it can be the birthplace of our greatest fears.  It is our choice.  Think of the possibilities if we transformed every complaint, challenge and heartache into inspiring possibilities for a better reality.

“What if” thoughts can move us in two directions – up or down. Humans often focus on the “What if” DOWN thoughts. What if I make a mistake? What if I fail?  Humans have a unique ability to focus on the negative.  The good news is we can change our thoughts to focus on the positive by focusing on “What if” UP thoughts. These are fun, easy, what if it works, what if I can make it happen types of thoughts. What if” UP thoughts cause the initial idea to grow and thrive.

There are areas in our lives that tend to make us think “What if” DOWN thoughts. Examples are worst-case scenarios and back-up plans. The first step is to identify these areas and start exploring “What if” UP thoughts instead. Directing our thoughts on possibilities that generate a sense of joy and excitement, the feelings are electromagnetic in nature and can be measured scientifically. Studies are starting to show that shifting our electromagnetic signature could, on a quantum level, influence our reality at an atomic level. That is a scientist’s way of saying that our thoughts can change our reality, and they do so by changing the atoms that comprise our physical bodies. Have you ever thought you are not feeling well? The more you think it, the worse you feel, physically. That is our electromagnetic signature changing the atoms in our bodies.

Here are the basics of the process:

Step One - Identify a challenge of idea

Step Two – Take note of how you approach the idea or challenge. What are your first thoughts? Are you considering the worst-case scenarios (What if DOWN) or are you seeking possibilities and taking inspired action (What if UP).

Step Three – What if UP!  Challenge yourself to mentally expand possibilities beyond what you believe to be possible.

Consider the following:

What if this is easy?
What if I really let myself have fun?
What if an idea comes that really changes my life?
What if I have a major breakthrough on this matter?
What if there are people out there who really want to help me?
Allow yourself to be ridiculous!!!

There are (at least) three things that can make our lives more difficult. The author highlights these and calls them “Havoc Breaking Habits”.

One – Worry.  This is a common symptom of an imagination when it is not vibrating high, as on a High Flying Disc. It is allowing our imaginations to build a future that is the opposite of what we truly want.

Two – Preparing a worst-case scenario plan.  What if you do not prepare for the worst case?  What if instead of developing a worst case scenario plan, you identify the fears that are popping up and create empowering alternatives for them?

Three – Bad Storytelling.  Drop the old story NOW! What if “upping” is vision therapy for the mind? In Abraham-Hicks terms, this would be called “Tell a New Story”. Imagination ignites good, new ideas.  It spits out the ideas; wisdom provides the feedback.

A second video was shown “Abraham-Hicks – Believe in your Dreams”.  

Ramona led an exercise directing us to write down our “Dreams We Would Love to Happen”. Make it fun. Be outrageous. Vibrate, think, radiate, and visualize way outside the box. Then volunteers stated their desires and the group offered the volunteer “What if” UP statements to raise the volunteer’s vibration and move them up Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale.  (The Emotional Guidance Scale is discussed in chapter 22 of “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks and available online at Emotional Guidance Scale.)

Some of the desires offered were:  Writing a children’s book; Finding a rewarding career; Be CEO of global company that raises the world’s vibration; Have a profitable apothecary/studio for her art; Empower 100,000 healers in the world; release contrast from a childhood disease that continues to haunt; Have a million dollars to do whatever she wants; to be a certified meditation teacher; free travel to Europe and other fantastic countries

Closing, Ramona distributed a worksheet from Abraham’s “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” process to do at home to help us continue to “What If UP” at home.

Remember Eddie Conner will be holding workshops here July 14 and 16.  Sign up on our meetup site.

Our next regular monthly meetup will be July 25.

Several people asked for a link to Nicole’s Facebook page for her artwork…Think Goddess.

The closing video was “Follow Your Heart – Inspiring Video”.  

Be sure to join us on Meetup and follow your heart to “Get Happy and Stay Happy”.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Ramona opened the meeting with introductions.  Eddie Conner led us in a guided meditation.  Thank you Eddie for great meditations.

We viewed a video of Ina and the Alchemists and announced we will be hosting a workshop with Ina via Skype (or similar) at 3 PM on Sunday, June 12.  For more information and to sign up go to our Lakeshore LOA Meetup Page.  

We viewed a video from an Abraham Cancun land cruise.  (Since it is a DVD it is not possible to supply a link.)

The opening video was “Abraham-Hicks 68 Seconds of Pure Thought."

Thoughts become beliefs – A belief is only a thought we keep thinking.  We believe that what we think is true.  Source explains, however, the reason we believe our thought is true is only because we have practiced that thought. An example is “I never have enough time.” Using affirmations can shift us from our old beliefs to create better circumstances.  As we think thoughts that feel good to us, we will vibrate that point of attraction.  What we are thinking and what is coming back to us is always a vibrational match.

The good news is if we are not thinking a negative thought, our vibration will automatically rise to its natural positive place.  Negative thoughts and emotions always mean the same thing – our thought or behavior is moving in opposition to who we really are and what we really want. Source always see us as 100% perfect; healed, whole and healthy.  So all we really need to do is avoid negative thought.

When we look at something we don’t want, we activate it and the Law of Attraction brings us more like it.  So the only way to deactivate that thought is by activating a new one.  Our choice of action may be limited, but our choice of thought is not. When we change our thought, our reality follows suit.  When things are going well for us, we should focus on the continuation of our well being.  If there are things happening that are not pleasing, we must find a way of taking our attention away from those unwanted things.

A mastermind discussion followed.

The closing video was Abraham-Hicks: Let People Be Who They Are.  

Future Events:

Ina and the Alchemists – June 12

Next Regular Meeting – June 20

Eddie Conner Workshops –
July 14 - in the evening
July 16 - All Day

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Ramona welcomed the group and introduced new members. 

EddieConner provided another inspiring meditation.  

The opening video was Abraham-Hicks “Tune to your Sweet Spot”.  

Questions to contemplate---

Do you believe your beliefs are serving you properly?

Do you find yourself easily appreciating people and experiences?

Do you find yourself looking for positive aspects of whatever comes your way?  If “yes” then you have no work other than to be aware of when you aren’t, and cut it out.

Do you ever get down with negative emotions and not even notice?

Then ask yourself “Why am I willing to put up with this negative emotion?

The Law of Attraction is all about our thoughts.  It works for love and relationships the same as it works for other areas of our lives.  Whatever we have been thinking about our relationships is evidenced by what we are experiencing in our relationships right now.

Abraham emphasizes that we should wait to find that sweet spot.  The sweet spot is fun.  It’s about receptivity of feeling good for the joy of it.  We must visualize what we want, bask in what we want, before we get it.  Find the sweet spot in the emotion of it, not in the condition itself.  

Example: think of your dream vacation before you go.  The anticipation of your dreams is the sweet spot.  You don’t have to be living it for it to be sweet.  The receptive mode is the sweet spot.  Whether it be a vacation, a career move, or a love relationship, you can get there beforehand just by being in the receptive mode.  It requires no work.  Don’t write the script – receive it!  Allow it to happen.

Quote from Abraham “You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned them.”

We develop patterns in our lives – some good; some bad.  When we discover a bad pattern we must change it by shifting to a higher consciousness using pattern disruption.  When you notice a negative pattern, say “I am disrupting this frequency of hardship, of struggle, of ….”

We sponsored Ina Lukas and the Alchemists at our California meetup.  They suggest a tool they call “Pattern Disrupt”.  We develop patterns (e.g. “this is hard for me”, “this is going to be a struggle”).  When we notice ourselves expecting a negative result based on past experiences (patterns), we need a pattern disrupt.  Say “I am disrupting this frequency of hardship and struggle” so we can break these unwanted patterns.

Our tendency is to see the negative in others.  Instead, see, feel and visualize their positive aspects. We must do the same with ourselves.  See yourself in your new life, in your new home, in your new experience.  This exercise creates great sweet spot manifestations.  Seeing and hearing others through love does the same.

Quote from Abraham “We cannot focus upon the weaknesses of one another and evoke strengths.  We cannot focus on things we think they are doing wrong and evoke things that will make us feel better.  We’ve got to beat the drum that makes us feel good when we beat it.  When we do, we’ll be a strong signal of influence that will help them reconnect with who they are.”

Quote from Deepak Chopra “However good or bad you feel about your relationships, the person you are with at this moment is the right person because he or she is the mirror of who you are inside.”  And he reminds us that everyone we meet is a spiritual guide.

Meditation from Dr. Wayne Dyer Here is the link to Wayne Dyer’s YouTube video “AH MEDITATION.  

Mastermind Question:  A member’s husband has been out of work for several months.  How can I use the Law of Attraction to help him find work and relieve the stress in both our lives?
Find your alignment first thing in the morning by meditating, deep breathing, or anything that starts your day with positive momentum.
Let go of old patterns.  Look for something sweet about the current situation.
Be introspective. List your own personal attributes.
Don’t let history get in the way.  Ignore it.
Don’t focus on how your husband is feeling; focus on making your lives better by improving your feelings.
Visualize him in the job that makes him come alive.
Bask in the thought of him working in that perfect job.
Tell yourself the new story over and over.

Quote from Abraham “Focus on the best you can in others.  When characteristics you want are missing, practice seeing them anyway.  When you think the thoughts you desire, they will show up in your experience.”

Ina Lukas and the Alchemists remind us to breathe into our bodies.  Feel the ecstasy of who we are.  We have access to Source 24/7.  When we have questions, doubts, or are beating ourselves up, stop and breathe and experience Source energy coming into our bodies and filling us with love.  Be kinder, more gentle, and softer with ourselves.

Dates for some of our future meetings will be May 23, June 20, July 25, at 7PM.  We are also in the preplanning stages of a special event featuring Ina Lukas and the Alchemists.  You won’t want to miss any of these events.

Eddie Conner will be here July 10 through 21 conducting workshops and providing private readings.  If you definitely want a reading (one-hour reading is $250) contact Ramona now to get on the list.  Exact dates and times will be determined later.