Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Ramona asked new members and guests to introduce themselves.  Then the group shared wins since the last meeting.

EddieConner led us in a fantastic meditation via Zoom.  Thank you, Eddie for always giving of your time to provide these meditations to start off our meetings.

The opening video was “Do This and You Can Change Thoughts!  New Law of Attraction, 2016, Abraham Hicks.  

When we feel ourselves trying, stop and ask yourself “Is that cork floating or is it drowning because you have a hold on it?”

There was a discussion about the word “Try”.  It evokes a negative feeling as in “I will try, but there is no guaranty I can do it.”

A fleeting thought does not have much power.  A belief, which is a thought we continue to think, continues to broadcast.  Ask yourself – “Is it my intention to broadcast because of my alignment?  Or, is it a response to something?”

Source flows through me the details of what I’ve been telling Source I want based on my experiences.  Source integrates that with all that Source knows about me and expresses the fullness of that through me.  To the degree I allow it, I feel wonderful and worthy.  To the degree I don’t allow it, I feel less worthy.

When you receive a thought ask yourself “What receptive mode was I in?  Was it Source or was it vulnerability?”   Until we’ve really practiced being in alignment we may not be able to tell.

In the video the man asks Abraham “Is it that you change the thought or that you just let it go and Source will bring you a new one?”  Abraham answered “Your inner being is thinking a thought and your inner being is also thinking about what is on your mind.  As we quiet our mind and allow our vibration to raise, we will be thinking the same thought our inner being is thinking.  That’s worthiness.  That’s alignment.”

If we could just sit and chill and talk less, we are either broadcasting or receiving.  We cannot do both at the same time.  If you want to be on the high-minded thought that your inner being is thinking, you will need to stop spewing the lower minded thoughts.  How?  By meditating or just chilling out.  Stop broadcasting so you can receive.  Action generated from inspiration will flow.  Action that tries to buck the current doesn’t.

Ramona added the following:  Thoughts become beliefs – A belief is only a thought we keep thinking.  We believe that what we think is true.  Source explains, however, the reason we believe our thought is true is only because we have practiced that thought. An example is “I never have enough time.” Using affirmations can shift us from our old beliefs to create better circumstances.  As we think thoughts that feel good to us, we will vibrate that point of attraction.  What we are thinking and what is coming back to us is always a vibrational match.

The good news is if we are not thinking a negative thought, our vibration will automatically rise to its natural positive place.  Negative thoughts and emotions always mean the same thing – our thought or behavior is moving in opposition to who we really are and what we really want. Source always see us as 100% perfect; healed, whole and healthy.  So, all we really need to do is avoid negative thought.

When we look at something we don’t want, we activate it and the Law of Attraction brings us more like it.  So, the only way to deactivate that thought is by activating a new one.  Our choice of action may be limited, but our choice of thought is not. When we change our thought, our reality follows suit.  When things are going well for us, we should focus on the continuation of our well-being.  If there are things happening that are not pleasing, we must find a way of taking our attention away from those unwanted things.

Reach for positive momentum statements.  Ask Source for some.  Examples are:
All things are good.
Give up the struggle.
It is what it is.
I give into my goodness and alignment, I ask for more.
I am getting through this.
I am powerful beyond measure.
Today will be the best day of my life.
Today is a “bonus day”.
Just let go.

Learn to play this game on our own.  Remember, our job is to live happily ever after.  You are going to live forever; why not learn how to live happily now?  When you “croak”, you will be instantly happy.  Well-being is so dominant, you just need to find your place in it.  That’s our job.  Our job is NOT to struggle to maintain…it is to easily maintain.

The closing video was “11 Things You Should Let Go of To Be Happy.”  

Our next meeting will be August 7. 

Monday, June 19, 2017


Ramona welcomed the group and had new members and guests introduce themselves.

EddieConner led the group in a guided meditation via zoom.  Be sure to visit Eddie’s website to learn about his offerings and spiritual journeys.

Members shared their wins since the last meeting.  Mike and Ramona picked this topic because we are feeling overwhelmed with their decision to sell their Michigan home and move to California. 

The key points were:
Is negative emotion pointing out that I am stupid?  Or is it letting me know there is a better direction?  There is no judgement or wrong doing.  There are just better choices and worse choices.  Sometimes we jump into action before we are properly aligned.
How do we get rid of strong negative emotion? By catching it early.  Listen less to what people say and trust your own instincts more.  You are the orchestra conductor.
When you are in alignment with the idea of what you want, and you practice that idea until you can hold it steadily, the members of your orchestra must find alignment with that powerful pattern you have presented.  But, if you turn your attention away from that powerful pattern you will lose that fine-tuned orchestra.
Sometimes the path of least resistance is to join the group and sometimes it is to lead the group.  You have to decide which time it is.
Which of these statements feel better? 
Looking at a desk and seeing everything that needs to be done:
·      I have too much to do.  Or, I’m really good at this.
·      I need to get this done right away. Or, Inspiration will come and I will get it done.
·      I have so much to do I need help.  Or, I’m really good at this and help sometimes gets in my way.
You cannot lose by caring about how you feel and you cannot win by paying no attention to how you feel.
You must have a happy journey to have a happy ending.  You can’t have a happy ending to a journey that has not been happy.
Make peace with what is.  You can tell when you’ve engaged the help of a cooperative universe and when you have not.
When you feel good, everything you do feels good.  Don’t ask what you are doing to be the reason to feel good.
When you change the emotion, the condition will change.  Whether conditional love or unconditional love, conditional alignment or unconditional alignment, most need the condition to change before the emotion changes. 
Feeling overwhelmed?  You’ve got to work the bugs out before it’s too late.  Go get a cup of coffee, take a nap, breathe, take a walk.  Do whatever relaxes you.
Make everything fun.  Do not keep practicing the thought that is hard, as in “This is the part I don’t like.”  Start saying to yourself “I like all parts of my life.”  If you wait for hat you think is the part you want to manifest before feeling good, you will miss the best part of life.

A great book on the subject was recommended by one of our members.  The Book of Joy:  Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams.  

The key points were:
Overwhelment is…something we picked up under other circumstances, not when we were in the flow.
Feel the stream of being in the receptive mode, following the stream of help.  Compare that to not being in the receptive mode and see how that plays out for you!
When you are truly in the receptive mode you never feel overwhelmed. Don’t push yourself into doing the work.  Instead, let it go and get into the receptive mode.  You’ll be surprised by what happens.

Remember – If you have five things you really care about, four are working and one is not, what do we do?  Usually we concentrate on the one that is not working.  That changes our vibration to the negative.  Instead, concentrate on the four that are working and the fifth usually will join that vibration.
Conversely, if you have five things you really care about and FOUR are not working, your tendency is to work on the four that are not working.  Instead, concentrate on the one that is working and that will affect the vibration of the others.  Think about the things that empower you, lift you up, make you smile, laugh and be happy.  Lead by example.  Mirror other people’s beauty.  Be a “you bet” person, not a “yeah but” type.  Always take credit for your wins, successes and powerful moments. 

Ramona asked the group “Are you ready to close the book on feeling overwhelmed?  Then shout to the Universe:
I release feeling overwhelmed.
I’m taking back my power.
I’m going to find increasing alignment with whom I am.
I like all parts of my life.
And so it is!!!

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