Friday, October 23, 2009

Going Beyond Your Self-Imposed Limits-- Part Two

This meeting concentrated on teachings from three “Gurus of Manifesting” – Eddie Conner, Abraham-Hicks, and Gay Hendricks.  First Eddie Conner will set the stage.  If you do nothing else today, spend two minutes viewing Eddie’s podcast and you will see the basics of manifesting in action.
On the right side of this page, under “Aah-Ha Gems”, click on “Eddie Conner”.  In the lower right-hand corner of his web page, click on “Enjoy Eddie’s Podcasts”.  Scroll down to the third podcast “SOUL-ution Oriented Soul” and play this 2 minute podcast.  Eddie shows in this podcast just how easy it can be to visualize what we want, and get it. 
One of our members, Barb Vercande of Ripple Affect Coaching, does presentations on the topic of relationships.  Barb affirmed Eddie’s suggestion by stating that before every presentation she visualizes the classroom filling up, visualizes herself teaching the class, visualizes her audience laughing and showing other good emotions.  Then she runs through her presentation and accepts whatever happens which is inevitably good.
Next we draw from Abraham-Hicks and review three laws -- the Laws of Attraction, Deliberate Creation and Allowing.  The Law of Attraction – That which is like unto itself is drawn.  We attract through thought.  Emotion speeds up the process, but thought is what launches it.  It doesn’t matter whether we think of wanting something or of not wanting it.  The something we are thinking about is drawn to us.  Getting up on the wrong side of the bed demonstrates the Law of Attraction.  When we start out the day in negative space, we keep on attracting more of the same.  When we feel fat we cannot attract thin.  When we feel poor we cannot attract prosperity.  So, maintain a positive mindset.
The second law, the Law of Deliberate Creation, means that we alone are the creators of our experience. If we set our thoughts to what we want, and picture ourselves having it, we will be filled with positive emotions that will help us attract what we want.  If we do not choose our thoughts, we will be creating our realities BY DEFAULT because whatever we focus on is invited in, and the more emotion we have about the thought, be it positive or negative, the faster the invitation will be answered.  For example, if we picture ourselves as rich and joyful, we are attracting rich and joyful to us.  If we are picturing rich people and feeling unhappy because we are not one of them, we are attracting unhappiness and lack of prosperity to ourselves.
A second part to the Law of Deliberate Creation is expectation.  Once we have launched a creation, we must look forward to it not with hope, but with perfect confidence that it will happen.  By example, when we leave to go to the market, we do not wonder if the building is still there.  We are confident it is there.  We do not give any thought to it not being there.  Our creations are no different.  But if we doubt our creation, we have launched a creation by default.  And whether or not we choose our thought, the thought still attracts our experience.
The third law, The Law of Allowing is “I am that which I am and you are that which you are, and I rejoice in our differences.”  If we thoroughly understand that no one else can create in our experience, then we can and should allow others to be what they are.  “Allowing” means rejoicing in the diversity.  It does not mean “tolerating.”  When we tolerate someone, we leave them alone to do what they want, but we feel negative emotion about it. 
Our third Guru, Gay Hendricks defines conscious manifestation as bringing our heart’s desires into reality, while becoming an open invitation to others to create their heart’s desires.  That’s living!
In the first stage we “Create Our Lives by Design Instead of Default.”  It is the art of drawing what we really want and need to us, while creating a field around us in which others can get what they really want and need.  We begin by making a list of five life goals that will ultimately define your life.  Update it yearly.  Imagine yourself at the end of your life and ask: “Did I accomplish my life goals and did that make my life a total success?”  If you can answer “Yes”, you have your list of life goals.
When we get clear on our goals, we enjoy clarity about our direction.  We can focus on spotting the patterns of unconscious manifestation that are driving the self-destructive forces in our lives and eliminate them.
In the second stage we develop “The art of loving things as they are.”  This step is crucial because only love is big enough to embrace the mistakes of the past and the bumps along the way to manifesting all our heart’s desires.
Even the most troublesome patterns change when we love and accept them just the way they are.  So, when we notice something we want to change, first we must love and accept it just as it is.  Think about what we find most unlovable about ourselves.  Is it our bodies?  Our moods?  Our past behaviors?   Whatever it is, love is big enough to embrace it.  So, first we must love ourselves for not being able to love ourselves all the time.  Then, love as much as we can at the time.  Patience is helpful because nobody is perfect at loving – we’re all amateurs and we’re all in it together.
The third stage is “Moving easefully through your life, surfing on waves of miracles.”  It begins after we’ve become skilled at focusing positively on our goals (stage one) and loving ourselves as we proceed toward them (stage two).  The best way is to cultivate an environment of “wonder.”  Get in the habit of asking “wonder” questions. 
Under stress, we tend to cling to fixed positions and look for somebody to blame.  We think we know whose fault it is and what THEY ought to do to fix the problem.  Instead, ask a wonder question.  If struggling with a weight issue, ask “I wonder what my weight struggle is really about?” versus a non wonder question like “Does Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers have the best program?”  If experiencing a money struggle, ask yourself “I wonder what I need to learn from this money struggle?”  Any life situation can be turned into a wonder question.  So, let go of entrenched positions and float free in wonder.  If it bothers you, wonder why.
One of our members attended an Abraham workshop and presented the following partial quote from the 2 CD set Think and Get Slim: Natural Weight Loss by Esther and Jerry Hicks Info on CD.
When you make peace with where you are you always turn downstream, go with the flow.  But we are afraid to make peace with where we are because we think we will be stuck right there!
You’ve got to understand that as you have been living your lives, you’ve put what you want, including the physical body you want, into your vibrational escrow.  It is there waiting for you.  And there is something you are doing on a consistent basis that is keeping you from moving toward it.  We think with most people, in most cases, it is that you are trying to make too big a jump because you don’t like where you are.  So when the universe shines its law of attraction on you, what it’s amplifying is how you feel, how you feel, how you feel.  And that’s why things don’t change very fast.  Did you know that what you are living is the indicator of your vibration?  You don’t go to the gas station with your gas gauge on empty and just lay your head on the steering wheel and sob “it’s over, look what I’ve come to.”  You do something about it.  You fill up your tank.  It and every other manifestation is an indicator of vibration.  In order to get a different indicator you must shift your vibration.  All manifestation is just an indicator of vibration.  The mistake we make is we take the reality that exists and make it so meaningful, we take too many pictures of it, we make it too real, and we hold ourselves to that reality.  The answer is it doesn’t mean anything.  It’s just the summation of your current vibration.  But it is so influx, so changing, amending, evolving, it doesn’t mean anything.  You’ve got to be all right now in the process of becoming.  And the thing that keeps you from moving in the direction of what you want is your distaste about where you are.  You’ve just got to make peace with your physical body, your relationships, and your money issues.  You just have to stop worrying!
For a six-minute video that summarizes the Abraham-Hicks philosophy and applies it to weight loss, click here VIDEO.