Monday, August 10, 2015


Ramona opened the meeting by welcoming guests and asking for updates and successes since the last meeting.

Eddie Conner (Click Here for Eddie’s Website) provided a bell-ringing meditation to help us believe that we are grounded, safe and all is well.

What is doubt? It’s an indicator of a contradictory thought. We have to replace that thought with the thought we want. But how do we remove doubt? It’s simple – just stop thinking that thought!

Abraham says don’t call it doubt – call it a contradictory thought, or self sabotaging in the opposite direction of what I am wanting.  Then say “Thank you” to that thought for letting you know that it helped you realize it was taking you in the opposite direction of what you really want. Now you know what you really do want. Abe actually wants us to feel the doubt or negative emotion because that is how we know we are in opposition of who we have become and we always feel better when we turn it around.

Esther and the speed bumps.  Esther tells the story of when she and Jerry would drive the “monster bus” from location to location. Esther would drive it, and occasionally the wheels would run across those little bumps that divide the lanes or are on the side of the road.  They alert drivers that they might be straying out of their lane or even off the road. They don’t mean we are bad drivers. They simply are telling us we could be on a better place on the road. For Esther, this meant she could focus better.

Doubt is similar to those little bumps. When we are feeling contradictory energy, it simply means how we are focused versus how Source within us is focused. Source is letting us know we could direct our thoughts in a better way.

Do not stand in fear of what could happen. There are two possibilities – wanted and unwanted.  Some of us worry about really letting ourselves go for it (imposed thoughts of the past, opinions of others, etc.). This is a fear created by our thinking that their opinions and thoughts are ours as well. Remember they are not our thoughts. Remember that all is well. Others fear that if it comes to us it will go away again. Remember, once it comes and we’ve tasted the sweetness of having it, we will like that feeling and not only will it not go away, but more like it will come to us. We will never be deprived of it as long as we understand that we understand we hold the key to it by our alignment. So remember - Don’t talk yourself out of doubt – talk yourself into believing!  

Ramona reviewed the Emotional Guidance Scale as discussed thoroughly in chapter 22 of “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Doubt is far down the list. In order to get ourselves up into the High Flying Disc area, we cannot jump from the bottom of the scale to the top. We must take steps. As we take these steps we must raise our vibration and desire to keep our feelings high. Doing so will move us up the scale. When we are in the HFD area, keeping our thoughts and feelings in the upper portion of the list is imperative to keep us aligned with Source.  

We get in our own way when we complain or worry about what we do or do not want. Source sees the path clearly for us and wants us to have fun along the path. And it’s a long path. But if we are unhappy where we are, we cannot get over to where we want to be. We’ve asked for it, we are summoning it, but we have our shield up like an umbrella. We deflect what we want with habits of thought such as unworthiness, lack of readiness, being in a bad mood, being angry at ourselves or someone else. We need to get over it.

What can we do to remove the doubt? First, go general. If a subject has no resistance, that is a good place to think about. For example if you love butterflies, think about them to feel good. Also a Focus Wheel is a good exercise (process #17 in “Ask and it is Given”). It softens our negative thoughts until we feel better about our new perspective. There is an app available for mobile phones.

Another exercise is to write down the belief you want to get rid of and follow it by the new current one you want to cultivate within yourself, whether or not it has materialized. What is important is that the new beliefs feel great to you.

People ask Abraham “How do you get rid of doubt?” Abraham answers “Before it starts!” Sounds easier than it is. But if you are having trouble getting rid of the doubt, here’s something you can try. As you sleep tonight you will automatically reset yourself. Upon awakening, soothe yourself better so that doubt doesn’t get a foothold that day. Find a good feeling place. Care more about yourself than the emails that greet you; more about yourself than tending to the needs of others; just care more about yourself!  Make it a habit – the more you do this the easier it gets.

Focus on the Frequency of Joy, Passion, Appreciation and Adoration. Write regular gratitude lists for the joy of it. Gratitude pulls beauty from your daily life experiences. Be grateful for the life lessons you learn and good will come back to you.

Don’t get out your lists of unfulfilled things or things to do. Instead keep your eyes open and notice what this resetting of your vibrational climate had accomplished for you. It will be noticeable.

The closing video was "Abraham Hicks – Funny Compilation –For Abe Fun Lovers."

Our next meeting will be September 14. Hope to see you there.