Monday, August 29, 2016


Ramona welcomed the group and introduced new members and first time attendees.

Eddie Conner ( led the group in a guided meditation.  Thank you Eddie for your fabulous meditations. Unfortunately the blog system will not allow us to insert either the audio or the video of Eddie's meditation.

Members shared their “wins” since the last meeting. 

This video teaches us it is easier to let go of emotions than to fight them; forgiveness moves us easily downstream; Source never moves backwards – only forward; don’t be angry with yourself for being angry; focus on things that feel good; stay in touch with “what is”; love your reality as is instead of what you think it should be; and change your personal story for the joy of it.  It is important to learn the whole story and get it down to your personal heartfelt desires.

When the subject in this video returned home after several years, he observed that he reverted to who he was before he left home.  This left him with a feeling of being split – a schism between who he was then and who he is now.  It took a while to find his balance, which is OK.  People tend to remember you as you once were energetically to them.  He finds more strength away from home because he is tuned in, tapped in and turned on.  It is possible to do that anywhere; it’s just harder in a place where you used to be someone energetically different.  Once you understand that you can go anywhere.

Important lessons in the videos. 

Understanding versus Forgiveness. Understanding is a high frequency, grounded, balanced feeling.  Instead of forgiving someone a transgression, try to understand them.  Forgiving is to focus on the negative in someone.  Understanding helps you focus on the positive aspects of the situation.  If you cannot forgive or understand, you will be unable to move forward in the expansion.

Helpful Thoughts.  It is up to us to feel better first.  When we choose to feel better inside, it gives us room to understand and forgive.  It is helpful to remember wins from the past and employ them to feel better now by replacing the bad memories.

Ramona asked the group to think of one old story, something someone did that needs to be forgiven, and write it on a handout.  When completed, the group was asked to tear it up and deposit it into a bag entitled “Same Old Story Disposal System” and let it go once and for all.

A second exercise was designed to help us forgive ourselves.  Ramona asked the group to write down something they need to forgive themselves for.  When completed the group was asked to tear them up and place them in the “Same Old Story Disposal System” and release it, let it go and allow our hearts’ desires to manifest.

Ramona led an open forum on forgiveness based on what we learned.  Writing down our old issues and letting them go brings us profound happiness.  Letting go… is a repeated practice; brings us flow; allows our good; frees us up; and puts us in alignment. Whereas, holding on to old programs… clogs us up; blocks our good; and lowers our vibration.

The “Same Old Story Disposal System” bags, filled with torn up old stories, were burned outside on the patio.  The video of the old stories disappearing is on Ramona's Facebook page posted on August 30. 

What can we do to continue this euphoria we feel tonight?  Do anything that makes you feel good; go outside into nature and enjoy; picture this room filled with happy people; appreciate whatever lights you up; meditate; view Abraham-Hicks videos; start your day with proper intentions; listen to the Abraham-Hicks meditation videos. 

Here are some links of meditations Ramona uses:

Abraham Hicks- A Morning Rampage to set your Day for MAGIC!

And five Getting into The Vortex Meditations.

The book that was referenced in the meeting is “Behaving as if the God in all life mattered” by Machaelle Small Wright.

To have a higher-self conversation with someone with whom you have had issues, say:
 “(Name of person you want to address), this is (your name)’s higher self addressing your higher self.  I don’t know what I did to cause you to (whatever they did), but if it was caused by something I did, I apologize.  I did not mean to hurt you in any way. However, your actions towards me have changed our relationship permanently.  For that reason, any ill thoughts you send my way will be returned to you immediately and followed by love."

This may need to be done several times, but eventually the other person’s higher self will get the message and you will not be haunted by their ill thoughts any longer.

Our next meeting will be Monday, September 26 from 7 to 9. See you then.