Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What Do You Choose to Think?

Recap - The evening’s meeting centered on the topic of choosing our words carefully so that we are sure we are attracting what we truly want. We always get what we ask for. Making sure our request is clear is of utmost importance.

Ramona introduced Eddie Conner who provided an inspiring meditation via Skype.

We viewed an Abraham video on “Thoughts”. 

The group participated in an exercise analyzing some statements and determining why we might think we are attracting one thing, but have actually asked for something different. Then the group revised the statements into better format to make sure we get what we are asking for.

Original statement: I am trying to lose weight again.
Revised statement: I am grateful and thankful for my perfect weight.

Original statement: All the good ones are taken already.
Revised statement: My life is filled with many great people.

Original statement: That driver is texting instead of paying attention.
Revised statement: I pay attention to my own safe driving.

Original statement: I hope I can find a good job making more money.
Revised statement: I have a great job and have a lot of money.

Original statement: I’m too busy to take time for myself.
Revised statement: I have all the time, energy and resources to do all the things my heart desires.

Cheryl Wood of Oakwood Wellness recapped the previous weekend retreat where she taught two groups the BEST method and demonstrated the Morter march.

Chris Reynolds provided a Quantum Emotional Clearing meditation which is posted on our website under “More” and “Files”.

We closed with another Abraham video entitled “Best Meditation Ever”. 

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, October 25.