Monday, October 13, 2014


Ramona opened by welcoming members and guests, and asking for “appreciations” since the last meetup.

The meditation was self-inspired while listening to Karen Drucker’s “I Am So Blessed” which is track 4 on Karen’s CD “The Heart of Healing” available at KarenDrucker.Com.

Our opening video was Abraham-Hicks Rampage of Ease andFlow

Our meetup provided a recap of the recent Abraham-Hicks cruise to the Canary Islands. A big “THANK YOU” to Jill and Duffy for sharing their perspectives with the group. 

Here are some random comments from Abraham during the workshops.

Abraham started by saying “Are you ready? Because we are ready for you!” The main theme was this:  You get what you think and what you feel. So think about what you want and feel good about it and it will come to you.

Trust that your desire is unfolding perfectly. 

Train yourself not to rely on conditions to be perfect in order to feel good, happy, joyful or better. You can feel better anyway.

You are all worthy because you and Source co-created your desires and launched the rockets of desire together.

Unconditional alignment – look at everything through the eyes of Source.  Your alignment is your number one priority.

There is a big difference between looking for people and things to appreciate and looking for people to appreciate you.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to give up caring about what anyone else thinks, especially about you. Remember, “Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you.”

Free yourself from the false premise that others can prevent you from being yourself. Take back your power and vibration. You are so much more than the personality you believe you are.
Without contrast there is no ability to focus. Contrast or negative emotions help us fine tune our clarity.

Stop trying to wrestle problems to the ground and killing them, or having a lobotomy to stop thinking contrast thoughts that in reality provide clarity. Just acknowledge you get clarity every day. Don’t overcome. Instead become!

Do not demand that conditions change to take you to that feeling of vitality/clarity/alignment. They won’t get you there; your thoughts and feelings will. Try to reach for the feeling you want without the conditions changing.

Abe Processes – be careful when you use them, especially if they feel like work or become tedious. Also, they can be self-defeating because the unchanging condition gets in the way of your alignment. Your work is to improve your vibration so you can receive Source’s answer. Once you are connected to Source the processes can be beneficial.

When you find you are not in the perfect place, what can you do?  Do Not Panic! Panic or freaking out is an unnatural habit we learned somewhere along the way. Do not be hard on yourself for not being in the perfect place. What you are reaching for is happy anticipation. If you fall into a hole there is always a way out. Even if it appears there is no way out, something may fall in and you can climb out over it.

Some other ideas from our group.  Smile; notice the beauty around us like the trees; listen to music; focus on what’s right; remember to breathe deeply; show gratitude; remember everything is always working out for me; I’ve got this; use segment intending aka pre-paving; look at the squirrel. 

Do not focus on excluding what you do not want (debt; weight) because you are focusing on and attracting what you do not want into your vibration.

Best way to let go/release people is to love them the way Source does. Focus on their positive aspects and in that alignment you will get what you really want and release them or they will align with what you want and stay in place.

Do not focus on the resentment of others.  Enjoy who you are and don’t worry about what others think about you. This is where clarity comes in. When asked about why you did something, just say it felt right, it felt like the best decision at the time – end of story!

Remember IT (whatever IT is) will come to you. You cannot chase it. Step back from the specifics and focus on what’s going right. Feel good unconditionally. Focus on the Source part, not the condition part of your desire. Free yourself from seeing the world through the eyes of others – see through the eyes of Source.

We are the point of power.  We create that which is wanted and our job is to create the atmosphere so it can come to us.

The closing video was Abraham Life is Good.  

Our next meetup is showing the Abraham Live Feed from New York and a pot luck scheduled for this Sunday, October 19 at 4 PM. Please RSVP on the meetup site to attend.

Out next regular meeting is Monday, November 10 and our final meeting of the year is the annual Holiday potluck on Sunday, December 7.  Hold the date.