Monday, July 26, 2010

The Art of Manifesting

Most of us understand the basics of manifesting, but sometimes we just don’t seem to get what we want.  What hinders our ability to manifest the things we really desire?

One possibility is that we are not living up to our contract with the Universe that was set as we entered the world at birth. Our group welcomed Marguerite Manning via Skype into our meeting. Marguerite is the best-selling author of Cosmic Karma, Understanding Your Contract With The Universe. A professional astrologer, her work, like her book, is dedicated to advancing the Universal Law of Karma through the scientific principles of astrology.

Marguerite presented the concept of Karma. When we are born we enter into a contract with the Universe. Our karmic calling is our soul’s promise to apply our talents to excel at our life’s work. Our Karmic debt is the emotional service we owe to the Universe to compensate for selfish mistakes we made in a previous life. This led to a discussion of how reincarnation occurs in alignment with religious teachings. 

Marguerite’s website is . Her book is available on  We can listen to Marguerite on her radio program, Therapy for the Soul, every other Wednesday at 7 PM on Law of Attraction Radio, accessible through her website. 

Lynn explained how she manifested her early retirement when at first it did not appear possible. The group then developed the following formula for manifesting.

First, we must ask for what we want. We should express it, and dream it, and live it as if we already have it, being specific to cover the who, what, when, where and why. Leave the how to the Universe. Then, when it happens, we must allow it to happen. It may not happen exactly as we ask, but allow it to develop as the Universe deems it.

Hindering our efforts to achieve our desires are our egos, prior conditioning, negative feelings in our solar plexus, and other components of self sabotage. To counter these blocks, remember to say what we do want, appreciate our self worth, follow our emotional guidance systems, listen to our inner feelings, find whatever makes us happy, and reclaim our birthright of joy and happiness.

Lynn developed a “Manifesting Board” on which our written intentions can be posted on the left.  As they are manifested we move them to the right.  Between meetings, the group focuses its attention on manifesting everyone’s intentions. The power of a group manifestation will be more effective than each of us manifesting our own intention only. As intentions come to fruition, the posting is moved to the manifested side of the board.

In an “And Avalanche” mode, members commented on what they like about Kimberly in order to gear up positive feelings towards her recovery. The comments made and memories they evoked were amazing. 

The group watched a You-Tube video A Gift from the Secret Scrolls.
Next meeting is Monday, August 16, 2010 at 7 PM.