Monday, May 6, 2013

Love - Who Me?

Sivan Garr Presents –  I Love You set the stage for one of the best interactions ever. Eddie Conner  provided a wonderful guided meditation.

The topic was Love – Who Me? and opened with a video by Abraham-Hicks entitled Tune into Love.  The message was that Source loves us no matter what. We just need to align our vibration with Source and allow the good things to happen.

What thoughts enter the mind when we hear the word “love”?  Some people immediately think of experiences and words that feel positive. Others who had negative love experiences have corresponding bad feelings. But all feelings of love emanate from within. You need to love yourself first before allowing love of others.

If we experienced love from our parents, we had good role models and were able to learn the basics. This gives us a leg up on allowing love into our lives. If we did not learn from parents when we were young, we need to teach ourselves from scratch. But in the end, it really doesn’t matter how we were raised or if we learned anything from our parents. To learn to love ourselves and others, we must teach ourselves how to do it.  We do this through our own life experiences.

A friend of ours asks the Universe for proof that she is loved. It is really a cute and successful process. She sets her intention before leaving home to have the Universe show her how she is loved.  She greets people with a smile and a heartfelt greeting like “Good Morning”.  Most people react well and smile back with their greetings. She is nice to the clerks and salespeople she encounters, acknowledges them in a positive manner and with a smile, and in turn they are nice to her. She envisions them at the dinner table at home telling their families “I met the nicest customer today”.  This provides proof to her that others out there, even strangers, can make her feel loved.

Another friend plays what she calls “The Alphabet Game”.  On her way to work she finds a positive adjective beginning with the letter “A” to describes herself.  Then on to “B” and “C”, etc.  She arrives at work high on herself by setting the tone for loving herself first, and the world follows her frequency.

When she knows she will be meeting with one of her difficult clients, a tax accountant thinks nice thoughts and as many positive aspects of that client as possible.  This exercise changes the vibration so when the client enters the room, the atmosphere is positive and the clients stay nice and calm.

How do we deal with people who are hard to love?  We need to love them anyway.  When people are harsh on us, it has no reflection on us; it is a reflection on them.  Forgive them, and don’t take it personally.  Send them love because they need it more than we do. Also remember if someone pushes our buttons, we get what we ask for. We need to forgive ourselves and look for the lesson they are trying to teach us.  Remember the best way to get love is to give it first.  And don’t give up.  Keep showing the person love and they will come around.

Think about this.  Humans are the only beings that hold on to bad vibrations. We need to learn to shake them off and free our minds to exist in peace. There is a really good book on the subject called Why Don’t Zebras Get Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky available on

There are several techniques to get rid of thoughts that haunt us. One is to visualize a basket with helium filled balloons tied to it. Place the haunting thoughts into the basket and release it to the Universe. Let the Universe deal with them.

Another technique is particularly helpful in situations where a person has done something “unforgivable” to us, and it keeps haunting us.   It can be a friendship betrayed, a former lover, a coworker, or neighbor.  This techniques works for all situations.  Have a higher self conversation with that person’s higher self. 

Here’s an example.  “Mark, this is my higher self having a conversation with your higher self.  We were friends at one time, and I miss that friendship.  For some reason unknown to me, you betrayed that friendship. If that happened because of something I did, I am truly sorry. I did not mean to harm you in any way. But what you did to me has altered our friendship forever because I can no longer trust you. And I feel your negative energy continually being sent from your higher self to me.  Please stop sending negative energy, and start sending positive thoughts because from now on whatever thoughts you send my way I am returning to you. If you send negative, you will get your negativity right back. So please send positive energy so I can return that to you in a healing manner”.

Remember this (paraphrased) message from Louise HayThe past is done. Replaying what happened yesterday takes away the precious moments of today.

All of these techniques have a common theme:
·         Forgive yourself
·         Forgive the other person
·         Free your mind
·         Free your spirit

When we truly love ourselves we will be preparing ourselves to accept other love.  So, love the you that you are.

There is a beautiful poem by Hafiz, a 14th-century Persian mystic and poet.

“Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth “You owe me”.
Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.”
So, let us affirm to ourselves right now by reciting the following:

I love and respect myself exactly as I am
I deserve and accept it now
I attract only loving, healthy relationships into my life
All my relationships are healthy, healed and whole
And now I experience an abundance of love within my life.

The closing video was Abraham – The Feeling of Alignment  

Assignment:  Write a love letter to yourself and look at it every day.

Our next meeting will be June 17, 2013 and the subject will be “Inner Conflict – Who Me?