Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Ramona opened the meeting by welcoming guests and asking for updates and successes since the last meeting.

Stephen Schmidt announced that his book, Comes the Phoenix is now available on Amazon.com.  Congratulations Stephen!

Eddie Conner led the group in a meditation. Eddie will be coming to Michigan for his annual retreat with meetings July 23 and 25. Soul intuitive readings are also available. Contact Ramona for information and to sign up.

The opening video was Abraham Hicks Signs from the Universe and Divine Timing.  In the video, Abraham explains how Esther receives messages from Jerry, Hummingbirds, and lots of other messengers. We just need to be prepared to recognize the signs and then accept them. She also discusses perfect timing.

Ramona asked “What is Source”? It is basic energy that cannot be seen but flows through everything and everyone, the life force energy of thoughts, ideas and consciousness and is synonymous with pure love.  The ultimate creator, God, the source of our being. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are because it is all basically the same thing. We are never separate from Source energy, so we hold two perspectives. In our physical form we explore more conditionally. Source helps us maintain a pure vibration, launch new rockets.  But in our human form we get bogged down with life events such as doctors’ diagnoses or our bosses’ negative comments. When we encounter such an event, remember that Source sees everyone as perfect including the person who set you off. That thought process should help bring us back into alignment with Source.

Source will show us the way, but we are responsible for getting ourselves there. It’s similar to using a GPS.  It shows us the way, but we are misdirected by our self-doubt, negatives, and comments from others. Just as we use a GPS to get directions to our destination, we can navigate a successful trip from financial insecurity to abundance, from sickness to wellness, and from confusion to clarity once we understand and use Abraham’s “Emotional Guidance System” which is discussed fully in Chapter 22 of “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. 

Each person received a small card listing the 22 steps of the Emotional Guidance System. (If you were unable to attend this meeting and would like a card, ask at the next meeting). When something “brings you down” notice where on the scale your emotions are, and look for a higher flying disc to step up to. We are unable to move more than one or two steps at a time, but each step is an improvement. All it takes is changing the way we think, or what we are thinking about. If we keep thinking the same thought we end up attracting more of what we are thinking about. So move up the scale. 

A sign from the Universe is the Universe’s way of communicating with us. The group shared several personal examples of signs they received from the Universe and what they meant. Some examples are a “pet robin”; long distance calls out of the blue to help with computer issues; dreaming about a dear friend who also dreamed about her the same night and then phoned; talking about a red fox as a totem and a real one materializes later that day; butterflies from a dearly (not) departed friend to alleviate a medical scare; a shooting star and lunar eclipse; traffic signs that remind us of resistance, such as “opposing traffic does not stop”; a great blue heron which is a totem representing all the characteristics of who and what you are and balancing your life; someone who did not believe in the afterlife sent messages after she passed; drawing a picture of your dream home and discovering 20 years later that you are now living in the house you drew; houses that couldn’t be afforded came back on the market at an affordable price; a for sale sign that was placed a few minutes before driving by; after his father passed, a man received signs by awakening at exactly 4:19 each night – his father's address for the last 50+ years; a gold finch flying into the window for three days which is a spiritual message; people who come into your live at “just the right moment” is a sign accompanied by “Diving Timing”; looking for a file regarding a lawsuit that was lost for years and finding it one hour before the meeting for which it was needed was a sign the right attorney was selected; an ex’s request to get something he forgot when he left led someone to a receipt she had been looking for; while driving and feeling upset and crying, the driver cried out “Hello, Are you there? Are you listening? Can anybody see me?” Then, passing a truck, written on the side was “Yes” and “Hello”; someone asked for a rose as a sign – it could be a rose, a picture of a rose, anything - and noticed a ladies dress, a billboard and a license plate that read 1 rose; another received a message “pick up sticks after dinner” which manifested as picking up branches in her yard one Sunday afternoon – after dinner; getting a message from the angels that her son had been in an accident.

When asking the Universe for signs or guidance, be clear on what your need is. Then release it to the Universe. Don’t keep toying with it or worry about it. Trust the Universe has heard your request. Then just stay open and alert. If you are wondering if something is a sign, it probably is not. You will know it when it appears. 

If you don’t know what a message means, just ask Source. Sometimes it can be whatever you were thinking about immediately before the sign appeared. Asking Source while meditating is great timing. Be sure to expect the signs and thank the Universe in advance and after learning the message. Some signs are blatant and you really feel taken care of. Others are subtle and you hear something inside you like a whisper. Follow it and trust it.

To learn more about animal totems, see the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. 

Remember we have a choice. Each day should be better than the previous day. When we awake we are refreshed and on the HFD. What we choose to do that day, and the way we decide to live that day, is our choice. If each day isn’t better than the last, we are practicing thoughts we don’t want and preventing ourselves from taking what the Universe has waiting for us.

The greatest gift we can give someone is our happiness. When we are in a state of joy, happiness, appreciation, then we are fully connected to the stream of pure Source energy that is truly who we are.

The closing video was Jessica’s Daily Affirmation 

Our next meeting will be August 10.

Monday, June 1, 2015


Ramona opened the meeting by welcoming guests and asking for updates and successes since the last meeting.

EddieConner led the group in a meditation.

Ramona reviewed some of the terms Abraham uses.

“High Flying Disc” (or HFD) means we are feeling good, everything is going your way. We become more aware of the negative thinkers around us and we notice they are having the issue but it doesn’t affect us. (This easy to understand definition provided by Robin.)

“Vortex” is where all cooperative components come together. All of our desires and wants surround us as we are on a high flying disc, feeling good, and our wants and desires are fulfilled.

“Momentum” is maintaining and growing the vibration we feel. Positive momentum moves us up to a higher HFD and negative does the opposite. As an example, if a spark from a fire lands on your sweater you can flick it off without damage. If you don’t flick it, the spark will keep burning and the fire will spread. Why do we step out of pure positive momentum? Mainly because we have trained ourselves that way and it has become a habit.

“Going General” means when we are manifesting something specific and not able to visualize receiving it, we need to be less specific (or be more general) to get back into the vortex and be more receptive.

“Being in Alignment” refers to whether we have aligned our thoughts and feelings with our desires. Some examples of being in alignment are taking a walk in nature, remembering a favorite vacation, listening to music, listening to Abraham, and meditating. Some examples of being out of alignment are complaining about something, being stressed, worrying about money, going to a movie and feeling bad when you leave, being in a long line at the store, post office or bank, being unhappy with your weight, and telling the same negative story over and over.

The opening video was “A Game of Alignment” by Abraham Hicks. 

Another great video on the subject is “Attracting andPracticing the Feeling of Love”.

Something that is common to all of us that can pull us out of alignment is “Money”. Because our topic is a game of alignment, we will show an Abe process that helps us get back into alignment when money issues arise. Ramona handed out a blank check register and suggested we select a large sum of money and write a check to ourselves at night. In the morning find ways to spend that money. That night, double last night’s amount and write another check to ourselves. The next morning spend that amount. Keep going until all your wants and desires have been fulfilled.

There are other ways to create positive momentum about money. Take a dollar into a dollar store and say to yourself “I can buy anything in this store”. Keep the bills in your wallet lined up in the same direction to make your prosperity flow. Humor magnetizes money. Keep some extra cash in your wallet or purse but don’t spend it. Carry a $100 bill. Pick up money when you see it, even a penny, and either give it away or save it in your money gua. Print the number 8 in blue ink on paper and keep it in your wallet.

When we sleep we are in the vortex. So, when we awake, we are on an HFD and our momentum begins. Pre-pave (or visualize) the kind of day you want. If you have trouble sleeping, try meditating or tapping or listening to one of the Abraham meditations. A good book that helps is Brain Maker.

Meditation is a great way to get back into alignment. When we meditate, practice the art of realization, of feeling good, of being connected, of clarity, of self-realization, of remembering who we are, recalling good, happy memories and fun experiences.

What being in alignment or in the vortex feels like. You wake up feeling eager, at ease, energized, appreciative, in love. Your body feels good, your dog licks your face, you love life, you have access to pleasant memories, you are integrated with Source, and you love yourself. When great things happen in your life, milk it, love it, appreciate it, amplify it, and enjoy it.

Say to yourself “I’m on the right track. Nothing is amiss here. Everything is unfolding perfectly. I am perfect where I am and I am gravitating towards something that will satisfy me even more.”  That is the attitude to keep.

A fun exercise to get back into alignment, when you shower feel the old “stuff” being washed away by the water. Imagine the water is a white light showering your body with whatever attribute you feel you are lacking. Play the grabbing game and grab what you want and bring it to your body.

Play the “I Know” game. On your fingers say “I know” on each of the first eight figures. On finger nine say “I know that I know”. On finger ten say “I just have to remember”.

The closing video was "Ask Anything and It Is Given" by Abraham Hicks.

Our next meeting will be June 29 on the topic "Looking for Signs the Universe Sends You".

Thank you for coming to our meetings and reading the blog.