Monday, June 6, 2011


Ramona opened the meeting by welcoming guests and asking for updates from members who care to share.

Chris and Ramona updated the group on the Global Information Network conference we attended last weekend. The presenter was Dr. Ted Morter, developer of B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), an energy balancing procedure used to help embellish the full healing potential of the body by changing old patterns.  It re-establishes neuro-pathways and balances body/mind/memory/soul energy fields within the body. Once re-established, the balance may be maintained with 3-minute stretching exercises once or twice a day. Ramona has contacted a local BEST practitioner, Cheryl Wood, about making a presentation to our group.

Eddie Conner joined us via Skype and took the group through a guided meditation. His meditation helped the group get rid of past obstacles that impede us from living the life we want, and creating a new story that describes the life we do want.

Ramona introduced Barb Vercande who coaches people who are unable to break old habits and remain stuck living a life they don’t want. Her practice helps people create a new story so they can live the life they do want with passion.

Barb shared her process for creating a new story. We do many things out of habit or because someone else (usually a role model) did them that way. Most stories are generated when, as children, we are told something or shown a behavior that is false for our belief system. We end up tolerating behaviors instead of standing up for ourselves.

Barb’s process begins with writing down every decision we make and why we made it. Do this for a month. Then review the list for patterns and dig into what is behind the pattern. When a story runs through our minds, ask if it is our own voice or someone else’s. If it is someone else’s, stop because it probably is not true for us.

Now that we understand our old story, we are ready to start our new one. There are three components of the new story:
·         It must be based in truth.
·         It must be aligned with our purpose and passion.
·         It must motivate us to take joy-filled action.

There are three steps to creating a new story:
·    Write out the old story. Start with the most prominent point. This will clarify what we don’t want so we can be clear about what we do want. Be sure to include emotions as if we are telling the story to our best friend.
·    Read the story out loud to ourselves. Notice how we feel and where the feelings are coming from. Get all the bad feelings out. This is similar to detoxing our minds of past bad habits of thought.
·    Write a new story. Start with “The truth is…”  Describe how life will be if we continue to live our old story. Then describe our new story, what it looks like, feels like, and how it connects to our life purpose. Be sure the story brings out good emotional feelings and fills us with optimism. And make sure it is the story we want to be, not what we think someone else wants us to be.

We know we have the right story when:
·         The story takes us where we want to go.
·         It is in alignment with our life purpose.
·         It is grounded in truth.
·         We are inspired to take action.

In summary, visualize life living the new story we have created and make sure we feel satisfied emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.


Barb is offering two specials to our group. Barb has a new service called the Passion Test. This is two one-hour sessions where we will discover what is most important to us and start living a passionate life right away. Barb’s regular fee is $200. Our group will be


That’s a 75% discount for members

Barb may be contacted through her website or email her at  Thank you Barb!

The other offer from Barb is for members to receive a free 5-day mini course "Create My New Story" by going to her website and signing up for her newsletter.  

The worksheets that were passed out are available on the meet up site under the "More" tab. They can be accessed through the meet up site by logging in, clicking on “More”, and then on “Files”.

Barb’s recommended reading:  Loving What Is  by Byron Katie

The Assignment:  Create A New Story for yourself.

Please review the list of Pure Positive Providers and provide Mike with any additions, corrections and deletions. The list can be accessed through the meet up site by logging in, clicking on “More”, and then on “Files”.

Next meeting will be July 11 .