Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Deeper Look Into Abraham's Emotional Grid

Ramona welcomed new members and introduced them to the group.

Eddie Conner provided an inspiring meditation to set the stage for our topic this evening and to establish a personal high frequency grid. He asked us to envision ourselves surrounded by our angels and spirit guides and to ask them to guide us in this meditation. In our mind’s eye we imagined a path in front of us. As we walk the path we visualized pure white light, a cleansing light that takes us deeper into the vortex. At the end, the path opens up into a circle where we are greeted by our angels, spirit guides and others. At the center of the circle are all things good. As we breathe in we are filled with white light and all things good invigorating our inner being. The light illuminates our consciousness to form a personal grid every day. As we choose to activate our grid we say to ourselves “I am the light; therefore I attract light to me.” Every day we can cleanse our thoughts and refill the grid with fresh white light.

This evening we are treated to a special Skype guest, Carilyn Davidson, a member of our Burbank Law of Attraction group. Carilyn explained that building a personal grid is similar to building a house. First you build the frame (think of it as the outline of the house). Then you fill in all the parts one by one. Another way of looking at it is to think general, then fill in the specifics as needed.

When you feel things are not going the way you would like (your grid is negative, not positive), just review past negative experiences to see where you built negativity into your grid. This will help you see what adjustments are needed to make your grid positive.

Every morning Carilyn develops her personal grid for that day. She maintains a list of affirmations that help set her grid for that day. They include statements such as “I love my life, I love my clients, my workplace feels like home” and many others. Carilyn uses a Thesaurus to expand the list of words that resonate with her desires.

When she knows a traditionally “grumpy” client is coming to see her, she pre-paves her grid. Some tactics are that she visualizes telling a joke, the client laughing, and the meeting going well.

Carilyn gave an example of her daughter accidentally poisoning her dog. Her daughter got excited and the dog felt it. Carilyn set a grid of wellness which calmed her daughter and sent healing light to the dog. The dog responded and got well.

Carilyn ended with this advice. Set your grid as a framework for what you want. Don’t expect in exact terms. Think general. Then fill it in with emotions such as feelings of giggles and splendor.

We showed a video entitled preparing for what you wantIt is a great video for explaining the grid. The primary tactic is to find a word that best describes the feeling you are seeking. It can be “easy” or “happy” or whatever word resonates with you. Then describe how it feels once you have what you were seeking. Remember if we can hold our thoughts purely for 17 seconds we activate our grid. Do this for 68 seconds and you will create an emotional vibrational match to what you want. 68 seconds of feeling good without contradicting our feelings is equal to 2,000,000 action hours worth of labor expended.

The meeting closed with a cute video of a boy learning to ride a bike.  Believe in yourself and you can ride a bike.