Monday, May 9, 2011

Mastermind Session with Skype Guest Cynthia Richmond

Ramona opened the meeting with the Golden Cone of Light Meditation.
Our Skype guest was Cynthia Richmond, renowned Journalist, Author, Educator, speaker, and Board Certified Behavioral Therapist. Her website is DreamPower.Net and is listed under “Other Sites with Valuable Information” on this blog.  Cynthia has written two books, Dream Power and The Dream Power Journal, both available on

Cynthia Richmond specializes in dream interpretation. She teaches people how to remember their dreams and how to make their dreams work for them. For example, to remember dreams, tell yourself before going to sleep that you want to remember your dreams. When you awake, journal your dreams. 

To make your dreams work for you, ask yourself what’s in your highest and best interest. Then ask your dreams to help you fix the problem, or what the best treatment is for this ailment. You can imagine what you want before going to sleep, and get the answer in your dreams.

When you are having a troublesome dream, remind yourself that you are dreaming. Ask what it means and what it’s trying to tell you. Your subconscious mind knows the status of every cell in our bodies and can answer your question.

Cynthia also offers a new personal Dream Coach package including a one hour Skype or telephone consultation and then three ½ hour sessions a week apart allowing dreamers to reach their goals or make their dreams come true. Cynthia is offering a discount of $85 off her usual fee of $320 by mentioning the Michigan Abraham Group. To contact Cynthia, visit her website, DreamPower.Net.

Several subjects were covered during the mastermind. Channels – what they are, what they do, and experiences some of us have had with them.  Emotions – how to let them pass through us and not dwell within, especially negative emotions.  Focus on what we want which will replace negative thoughts and emotions.  Meditation – let the Universe take care of the problem.  How sensitive people deal with the less fortunate like homeless or mentally disturbed individuals. Suggestion was made to Google Abraham-Hicks Mental Illness for answers to how to deal with people with mental conditions.  Witness consciousness – witness the good and the bad, but do not connect to either. Be an observer. Not attached or detached, just not connected to it.

Chris Reynolds announced the following:
Here are the web sites that I talked about at the meeting in case anyone missed it.
Fred VanLiew the water Doctor
I have some audio seminars on MP3 of Fred if anyone is interested
We are looking at some time in July to bring Fred up to Michigan. We will keep you informed.

Morter Health Systems BEST Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique

Our next meeting is June 6.