Monday, August 16, 2010

Manifesting versus Deliberate Creation

Our Skype guest was Liz Layug, an interior designer who incorporates spirituality into design. She addressed changing the balance and harmony in a room. When we enter a room and feel something is off - just doesn't feel right - there are steps to take to regain the balance. Eliminate all the items with negative feelings attached, such as gifts from people with whom you no longer have a connection. This will provide more space for items with positive feelings. Classical music has the highest frequency and will raise the room's frequency. Introducing colored lights will create the mood you want - blue for serenity, green for recuperating from illness, pink for love. To rid a room of bad feelings, place a glass with 2/3 water and 1/3 salt in a safe place for a few days. These steps will create balance and flow in your life.

We watched a you tube segment on deliberate creation and read the following description:

Manifesting is the process of attracting whatever we think about. If we think about something, we are manifesting that something into our lives. It doesn't matter if we think we want it or don't want it. If we think about it, we attract it. If we think we are unlucky, we will be. If we think we can't do a job, we won't.

Getting up on the wrong side of the bed demonstrates the process of manifesting really well. When we start out the day in a negative mood, we keep attracting more of the negative. So, when we are in a bad mood, we must realize that we will be attracting more of the negative and we'd be smart to change our outlook to the positive.

Since we are thinking every second of every waking hour, we are constantly manifesting. If we do not pay attention to our thoughts, we are manifesting by default. If we think or feel "Oh, what's the use...I'll never get it anyway", this is a prime indicator we are manifesting by default. So, the trick is to think about what we do want and to keep our thoughts and feelings positive.

If we think we would like a person in our lives who is personable, smart and considerate, we are thinking positive thoughts and establishing the right mindset to attract that type of person.

Conversely, if we concentrate our thoughts on finding someone who doesn't drink like our last mate, doesn't talk down to people, doesn't do this or that, we are concentrating on what we don't want in a mate. This sets our thoughts to attract what we do NOT want - the negative attributes.

Simply stated, to manifest what we want we must maintain a positive mindset and think about what we do want in positive terms and with positive feelings.

Deliberate creation picks up on the mindset we have established and helps us manifest our desires faster. With a positive mindset, when we think about what we want, picture ourselves having it, and believe and act as if we already have it, we will be filled with positive emotions. The more forceful those positive emotions, the faster we will deliberately create what we want. We cannot hope they will come true; we must be confident in our thoughts. View it as a goal that's already been achieved. It ramps up our feelings.

If we see others who have what we want, and we are unhappy or jealous, we will attract unhappiness and jealousy to ourselves. It is better to rejoice in the good fortune of others and say something like "That's got my name on it". Merely saying it isn't enough; we must truly FEEL rejoiceful.

The difference between manifesting and deliberate creation is this. Manifesting is the process of thinking. Whatever we think about is what we are attracting. So we must keep a positive outlook and turn our thoughts and feelings to whatever we want. Deliberate creation is maintaining that positive outlook and ramping up our positive emotions about those desires to the oint we believe we already have it. That will attract and deliberately create what we want in life.

The meeting ended with a you tube video on hugs.