Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Getting Back Up When You're Down

Eddie Conner set the stage for our meeting with a meditation via Skype, followed by Ramona who welcomed new members and guests, and asked for updates from members since last month.

The opening video was “Jack and Jill”.

Getting Back Up When You’re Down – Abraham Style

We’ve all been there at some time in our lives.  We feel so “Down” we’re not sure which way is up.  What does Abraham say about how we got there and, more importantly, how we get back up?

When we are down we can have feelings of depression, tiredness, sadness, helplessness, aloneness, feelings of being overwhelmed, and we think about the negative aspects of our lives.  People around us all seem to be negative and bring us further down.  As Abraham would say, we are disconnected from source.

We have the complete power to concentrate on what is right or wrong.   Why do we choose to concentrate on the negative?  Sometimes it is more comfortable just staying where we are out of habit because change is challenging to some.  If we have surrounded ourselves with others who are depressed and have negative attitudes, it is difficult to get ourselves back up and be positive.  And sometimes we just get so busy with life we forget to reconnect with Source Energy.  We need to readily identify when we are down or getting down, and figure out how to get ourselves back up.  But how do we do that? 

Ramona told the story about when she was in NYC staying at a hotel while Mike was in the hospital. On a particularly bad day, Eddie Conner made her walk back to her hotel a long way that brought her to a park where all the trees were covered in white lights. It brightened her outlook and turned a bad day into something good.  Ramona showed photos of what Mike looked like in the hospital, and another photo of the two of them on the beach which is what she concentrated on from then on.

Since our beliefs are the thoughts we keep thinking, we need to change our habit of thought.  There are several strategies that work.  Think about what’s right in our lives.  Daydream about what we want.  Focus on what we do want instead of what we don’t want.  Do something different that’s positive.  Focus.  Pray.  Ask questions of ourselves, but be sure to ask in the positive.  Instead of asking “Why am I gaining weight?” ask “How can I continue to feel healthy?”  Think about what we are grateful for.   Remember, 17 seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 2000 hours of action.

As Abraham says, even though we may want to move forward in life, we may have one foot on the brakes.  In order to be free, we must learn how to let go.  Release the hurt.  Release the fear.  Refuse to entertain the old pain.  The energy it takes to hang on to the past is holding us back from a new life.  Think about what you would let go of today to improve your frame of mind. 

An exercise that works is simply appreciating all that others do for us, no matter how small.  This can change our mental frame from negative to positive.  Saying “thank you” to someone for their kindness (holding a door open for us, etc.) can solicit a “you’re welcome” or a smile to brighten our day.  And the more thankful we are for the kindnesses of others, the more positive our frame of mind becomes.

Even during the worst of times there is a bright, loving part of us that’s always available.  It’s called our higher self and it is always available to talk with you and help you.  Some people refer to it as “that little voice on my shoulder (or in my head) that guides me to do the right thing.   Ask your higher self why you feel down.  You might be amazed at what your higher self has to say.  These conversations serve to reconnect us to Source.

For deeper depression, write a story of how we want our life to be.  Put it away and look at it periodically.  See how much progress we have made towards our goal. 

Some recent discussions by Abraham explain the concept of an emotional grid.  When feeling down, think about general things that are true, feel good, and are easy to think about.  Then fill in that grid with more specific items that are higher frequency thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The closing video was Joyous Rampage.

Another good video is "You can be happy".

Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 10, 2012.   The topic will be “How to get over self-limiting beliefs”.

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