Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Art of Manifesting and Allowing

Topic 1: How do we manifest and allow, and why does it take so long?

Manifesting what we want takes motivation, concentration and clarity of desire. Think of what you would really like to have right now and how motivated you are to get it. Compare that with the motivation we would feel if we were told there is $100 million in a Swiss bank account that we can have with no strings attached – all we have to do is get there and claim it. How motivated would we be then?
Concentration is difficult because Abraham tells us that every 17 seconds we get a new thought. In fact, sometimes it is difficult to keep the same thought the entire 17 seconds. Our thoughts change so rapidly that we are naturally sending mixed signals to the universe. And, whatever we are thinking, the universe is saying “yes” to.
When we are motivated and are able to concentrate, we need to develop clarity of what we do want, and avoid clouding the message with what we do not want. Appreciating what you like about someone else is a great way to clarify what you do want for yourself. Be careful not to wish that you were that person, however, since you do not know what challenges that person may be dealing with.
One of the tools available to help us develop these skills and manifest what we want is a Focus Wheel. This is a process to help change our vibrational alignment with any subject. For an excellent example and explanation, click here.

Topic 2: What is alignment with source and what does the law of attraction have to do with it?
Our goal is to connect with a higher form of life, ultimately connecting with source. It is easier to come into alignment with source when withdrawing from the things that take us out of alignment. Then, by attracting a little bit of good to our lives each day, we will come into alignment to the point that we naturally, and without thinking, set an example for others to see and hopefully emulate. If you are in alignment with source, it doesn’t matter if others are not because you will be manifesting the good in your life and allowing it to come to you.
There is a great Abraham You Tube video on the subject of alignment with source here.
Topic 3: The Vortex
The vortex is a state of mind and simply means we are in alignment with source and there is no more resistance to our manifestations. Our thoughts about a subject start to feel good even though nothing has really changed except for our state of mind. Simply stated – whatever keeps us out of the vortex isn’t worth it.