Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Love and Appreciation

Ramona welcomed everyone, especially new members, and led the sharing of “big wins” that members experienced recently.  Dean set the stage for the meeting with a meditation set to music he wrote and performed. 

The opening video was “Nothing is More Important than Feeling Good”. 

We tend to spend more time not feeling good versus feeling good.  Why is that?  Primarily because we allow ourselves to do it.  We can become accosted by coworkers who are having a bad day.  If we listen to them and join in, we end up not feeling good.  Some of the things we can do to avoid not feeling good are: do not join in the “woe is me” conversations, do not listen to the news, be careful which articles you read in the newspaper, turn off the TV and read a good book.

A member shared an experience with a competitor that brought out feelings she had no idea she had.  She found herself getting angry and lashing out at the competitor, then felt terrible about reacting in such a way.  After struggling with this, she meditated which brought back an inner peace.  No longer does she feel threatened; instead she has developed an appreciation for this competitor.

Members shared things they love and/or appreciate.  Some of the items mentioned are: our LOA meetings and our group; where life is taking us; friends and time with family; the sky and clouds and nature in general; the lake; the present time – the now; like minded people; self awareness; the ability to choose our own feelings; services provided by health practitioners; life lessons; options for renewal – anything that brings us back to ourselves; music; where we are in our lives; an increasing awareness and appreciation of the beauty of nature and the ability to not just see it but also feel it; recent health issues allowing us to feel life experiences more clearly; learning LOA at an early age; knowing everything works out in the end; the love and blessings of everyone in the LOA group; supportive friends and family; breath; trials that make us grow; people becoming more aware of spirituality every day; patient advocate while in the hospital; and life.

Some good thoughts that came from the discussion are:
·         Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you.
·         Every night think of one or five or ten things you are grateful for what happened that day.  Also do this first thing the next morning.
·         When faced with challenge after challenge, consider that you overcame each one, and each made you stronger to overcome the next.
·         In order to love someone or something else, you must first love yourself.
·         If having an issue with self love, start by looking in the mirror and appreciating one thing about yourself, such as your eyes.  Consider getting a decal for your mirror that reads “You Are Gorgeous”.

The closing video was “Life is Good”.

There were two other videos we did not show due to time constraints:

            Self Appreciation Part 1


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