Monday, September 30, 2013


Ramona opened the meeting by welcoming guests and asking members to share their successes and appreciations over the last month. Eddie Conner provided us with another inspiring meditation via Skype.

The group viewed the opening monologue from the Stanford live stream video which will be shown in its entirety Wednesday night and Thursday night at 6 PM.  All are welcome to this pot luck event.  The main topic of the monologue was “you and your connection with source.”  When we are properly aligned, we are an extension of Source. That alignment allows Source to flow to us and through us giving us the power and ability and right to become the creator of our own reality.  We can direct that creative power anywhere we choose.   And the world will expand as a result of our attention wherever we choose to focus.

Ramona and Mike gave an update on the recent Abraham cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The primary topic for the evening was “Being on the Current of Well Being – Who Me?”  What does it feel like to be on the current of well being? What does this current of well being mean to you?  Do you allow this experience into your daily life?

When on the current of well being, everything flows and feels good because we are connected to Source.  Stated another way, we are on a “high flying disc” or “HFD”.  Mike described the HFD concept as follows: Visualize a funnel shaped cloud like a tornado. Then imagine it is made up of discs with the smaller ones at the bottom and increasing in size as we move up the funnel. The small discs at the bottom represent the low feelings we get when we are depressed or in the company of someone we simply do not like or trust. And yet there is some good in that state of being. As we move up to the next higher disc, imagine that one contains all the good from the last disc and some additional good feelings. Then as we move up the funnel of discs, each disc feels better than the previous one until we reach near the top where we find the high flying discs. That is where we want to be as much of the time as possible.

Why are we not always on the current of well being?  Sometimes it is because we have formed habits, or habitual pathways that are not on the HFD.  Sometimes we find ourselves in the company of someone we do not like, and that brings us down. And sometimes we just spend 17 seconds in the wrong frame of mind.

When we find we are not on the current, how do we get back on? 

*The concept of a “reset” button can work. When we have a “bad day”, appreciate all the good from that day before going to sleep. In the morning, wake up and immediately press the reset button telling yourself today is going to be a great day.

*Start every morning thinking it is your birthday and celebrate it – 365 days a year.

*Use the process of segment intending where we can pre-pave the way we want the situation to unfold. Before entering a meeting, visualize how you want it to go and send your intention into the meeting before you enter the room.

*When you are with someone you do not relate to or simply cannot stand, imagine how you would talk to them if Esther, or Jesus, or your mother were sitting next to you.

*If you are not feeling inspired, take a moment and reconnect with Source.  Get yourself back on the HFD.

*A member suggested when you find yourself not on an HFD, think about the UPS system where the feeling you want (the package) has been dropped off at home and is waiting there for you.

*Remember if you are on an HFD, you will be the dominant force in every situation.

*Lay new pipes.  Esther had a problem with cloudy water in her pond.  Several people tried to clean out the pipes that circulated the water to no avail.  Finally they laid new pipes and that fixed the problem.  They wanted to dig up the old pipes and Esther said “no”.  It is not necessary to regurgitate the things that do not work. Just lay new pipes and move forward.  Forget the past – today is a new day.

Ramona explained that Abraham has added a fourth step to the three-step process. They now are as follows:

1.       Ask for it.
2.      Receive it.
3.      Allow it in.
4.      Establish and maintain a steady connection (HFD).

The new step 4 is to define with more clarity and confidence that you can reach for things not previously asked for.  From the leading edge you must embrace everything that led up to it.

Mike described the Mastermind concept as Abraham sees it.  A Mastermind is a group of people who unselfishly share ideas for their mutual benefit. Sometimes it is described as synergy, or 2 plus 2 equals more than 4.   Abraham suggests that it start with two people who are both on an HFD.  Each bounces ideas off the other.  Eventually their minds will come together and the ideas will create something bigger than either could have created on their own. Be sure your Mastermind partner(s) are on HFD’s or the results will average down instead.

Ramona asked for the groups intentions for the future and the meeting was adjourned.