Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How To Get Over Self Limiting Beliefs

Ramona welcomed the group and introduced new members and guests and asks that you all like us on Facebook.

Eddie Conner provided an inspiring meditation via Skype, setting the stage for us to rid our old belief systems that no longer serve us and hold us back, and replace them with healing messages and a whole new belief system. Eddie can be heard every Saturday at 3 pm Eastern on If you click on this link and locate the June 30 show in the archives, you can listen to Mike and Ramona's show. And, Eddie appeared on the Morning Show in Australia (equivalent of Good Morning America in the US). To view his segment, click here.

Eddie Conner is coming back for his 12th year of workshops. Be sure to sign up for 5 Simple Ways to Create an Amazing Life on Thursday, July 26 and/or OMG!! How Did I Attract This? on Saturday July 28.

Ramona asked for updates and good news from the group, and showed an Abraham video The Story Source Wants to Tell. A member suggested a good book is Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani.
We enjoyed a Skype visit with Sue Elliott, editor-in-Chief of Law of AttractionMagazine and a member of our Burbank Law of Attraction group.  Sue explained that even though she has practiced the law of attraction for many years, she had to overcome her fears of failure while launching the magazine. Concerns abounded with just about every aspect of publishing - attracting articles from well-known authors, distribution, sales, and reader acceptance. Sue realized she knew how to use the law of attraction and that is what got the first issue published. With the second issue she owned it and transformed it into a more pleasurable experience. Now the publishers are in discussions about increasing the frequency of publication.  Visit her website for more information, and be sure to friend her on Facebook. Law of Attraction Magazine is available at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and other major retailers nationwide such as D & W Supermarkets.

Some of the prevalent self limiting beliefs are that we can’t, we’re not good enough, we will probably fail anyway, we may never be able to succeed, others are better than us and he or she won’t want someone like me. There are many more. Many come from our childhood experiences. We need to recognize and replace them with a new belief system.

Abraham says “A belief is a thought that’s rehearsed over and over again.” Our challenge is to recognize these beliefs and think new thoughts until they become our new belief. For example, when we see fancy cars or expensive homes, our faulty belief system tells us we can’t have them. Abraham has a good video (not shown at our meeting) that explains how to get around these faulty belief systems. It is called Nothing is More Important than Feeling Good. The group worked together offering up suggestions to help members that felt low-frequency about the pictures, to feel good again with bridging techniques. 

When we see skinny models, our faulty belief system tells us we can’t have that kind of body.  Someone shared how she stopped seeing herself in an unattractive, overweight manner and instead began to truly see herself through the eyes and hearts of her close friends and family members that loved her unconditionally. She stopped using her physical eyes and started allowing the heart and love of her close friends to be how she chose to see herself and she's been happy ever since. 

Another member shared that when she loses weight - it always finds its way back to her. That's why now she donates the extra pounds to the Universe to redistribute into pure, positive energy.

Mike showed beautiful images of couples together and in love with one another. They were smiling, in tune and blissful in their attraction.  Ramona asked, "What feelings does this bring up for you?" Many people said, "I wish I had that." and "That looks like it feels so nice" while others wanted to hit the lovers with a truck. The group had a blast talking about these lovers and the law of attraction. They said, "What you see in others is who you are."

"I don't have a relationship but I do put myself in their shoes and think, how fun is this."

When we see people like that, it is there for us to put ourselves into their situation.  The universe is showing us that soon that could be our experience.

The number one thing everyone agreed on is it's not our place to figure out the "how" and "when" of anything. Our job is to "just be" in the flow and generally enjoy everything around us that is working - for the joy of it.

We closed with a video entitled Lighten Up.

Next meeting is MONDAY,  AUGUST 13. Please note the change to a Monday meeting night.