Monday, June 30, 2014


Ramona welcomed members and guests and introduced EddieConner who provided another provocative meditation.  

Eddie Conner will be visiting West Michigan in a couple of weeks. For information on his classes and readings, please contact Ramona through our meetup site.

Along with Eddie, one of our long time members who lives in the Baltimore area, Jane Rohde, will be driving here on her Harley Tri-Glide as a fund raiser for Bastion, a community that is being developed in New Orleans for wounded warriors, who have survived Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, and/or single/multiple amputations, and their families. Donations to this cause to support those who have protected our freedom at personal expense can be made through ( 

After sharing some success stories using Law of Attraction principles, we viewed Abraham-Hicks Thinking – as Choosing Your Thoughts.  

The quality of our day is determined by the vibrational frequency of our thoughts. In effect, we become our thoughts. If those thoughts are negative, we need to take responsibility for them since we created them, but all is not lost. We can change those thoughts by pivoting to more positive thoughts. 

Thoughts are activated by the attention we give them. The more attention, the more momentum – whether good or bad. It’s simply our choice. But what do we do when those negative thoughts are being promulgated by a coworker, friend or family member? Remember that those negative thoughts and comments are someone else’s vibration, not our own. We just need to maintain our higher frequency vibration. They will eventually observe that we are not on the same wave length as they are. 

To change our vibration, it may help if we look at everything as a gift – even the negative people in our lives.  When we see what we don’t want, it helps us determine what we do want. Another tool is to think of all our life experiences as bringing either joy, or laughter, or strength to our inner being.

When faced with lack in an area of our lives, ask yourself “Why am I so abundant in other areas of my life?” Make a list of what is abundant. Remember how you manifested that abundance in other areas. For example, when faced with a lack of money, don’t think about having money in the bank because that thought is actually thinking about what you don’t have. Rather, think about things you have manifested in the past and picture those objects as already having them. Create a new story and work every angle of that story to support abundance. 99% of our manifestations happen before we see them. Play the “Wouldn’t it be wonderful” game and expect wonderful things to happen to you.

What do we do when we are faced with low frequency thoughts? (Not enough time or money, health, coworkers, past relationships). One idea is to “Put a face on it”. When the ugly thought comes to mind, picture it with an ugly face, like one from a horror movie. Make that ugly face the trigger that tells you to stop the ugly thought and switch to a better feeling one. When you stop telling the “Woe is me” story, a better story will appear.

Remember the 17 second rule. If you can stop thinking a negative thought before 17 seconds has elapsed, it will not take root and you can change to a better feeling one.

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